“Grappling with heartbreak and inspired by soul, New Orleans Jazz, tango, choral and gospel music, piano rock storyteller Rabbit Quinn has made a sophomore album of passionate gothic fables.”

– Kickstarter

“Gorgeous melodies, literate lyrics, sumptuous piano passages and exquisite, often astonishing vocals combine to create drama and poignancy.”

– San Jose Mercury News

“Quinn’s recordings stand up on their own. They are powerful, meticulously arranged, and have all the stick-to-your-ribs infectiousness every pop record needs to survive.”

– Metroactive

“She commands attention with both her piano playing as well as her vocals. One hell of a talented woman.”

– Redhead Music Snob

“Rabbit Quinn’s classical piano training is evident in how textured and fluid her songs are. Her music is haunting, gentle and catchy all at once.”

– San Jose Metro

“I highly recommend seeing her play live!”

– Synapse