As the World Falls Down: A Masquerade

Friends! I have a very special announcement!

In the realm where Bowie and fantasy cross paths so perfectly, there is a masquerade ball dripping with billowing white fabric, glittering crystals, pearls, twinkling lights and gilded masks. Now, imagine we’ve turned this 80’s childhood Labyrinth fantasy into a reality that effervesces with puppets, creatures, and wave after wave of enchanting live music and thrilling performance art all hosted by The Goblin King himself!

This is what Containher, Paradox Media (Edwardian Ball) & I are creating for you and our incredibly creative community for one night of absolute magic. We’ve gathered epic performers, set designers, and artists of all mediums to draft up the blueprint for an unforgettable evening on SEPTEMBER 8TH, 2018 at THE CHAPEL in San Francisco.


You will be able to get t-shirts, pins, posters and VIP seating you won’t be able to get anywhere else. They will be Kickstarter exclusive.

I’ll post a link here, on the website. To be notified instantly through Facebook when we go live, please join the event page:

Our ball will feature live music, aerial, drag, burlesque, dance, puppetry, and will also host tarot and tea readings. Entering the space will be entering another reality!

Featured Performers:

Rabbit Quinn
Kat Robichaud & Brendan Getzell of Misfit Cabaret
Shadow Circus Creature Theatre
Lysol Tony-Romero as The Goblin King
Aerialist/Singer Sophia Prize
DJ Cutso
Vogue Dancers Jocquese Whitfield + Shireen Rahimi
Tsunami Soulshifter
Lauren Baines
+ surprise guests!

Join us for one night of Magic at The Chapel on 9/8 and get your tickets as soon as you can!

Poster Design by Rabbit Quinn – Will be available to purchase through Kickstarter