San Francisco-based pianist, vocalist and songwriter Rabbit Quinn crafts otherworldly fables reminiscent of unconventional piano rock storytellers such as Kate Bush, Nina Simone, Tom Waits and Tori Amos. History, myth and literature transform Quinn’s footprints into compositions which are delicate, dark and romantic.

Born in Saratoga to a classical pianist father from Azerbaijan, Quinn’s childhood was steeped in the diverse flavors of both Middle Eastern and western classical music. Her American ancestors were members of a string band from West Virginia that traveled the Appalachians during Prohibition, and her grandmother, Quinn, passed down the tradition of grassroots and Celtic folk songs. Rabbit wrote her first song, “Diamond,” in kindergarten when she found herself humming while staring at sunlight filtering through a Mulberry tree canopy, and suddenly felt like God had dropped a glittering gem in her lap.

Quinn began work on her powerful debut offering, Lost Children, while studying music at UC Davis. Skilled at drawing and painting, she also created the artwork for the album. The songs of Lost Children are cathartic, poetic snapshots exploring themes of self-worth, death, sexuality, transformation and heartbreak.

After running a wildly successful Kickstarter Campaign, which was funded in less than 48 hours, she is currently recording her second album, set for a summer 2017 release. After building a solid local following in the San Francisco Bay Area, Quinn has begun touring nationally, both solo and performing with her band.


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“Grappling with heartbreak and inspired by soul, New Orleans Jazz, tango, choral and gospel music, piano rock storyteller Rabbit Quinn has made a sophomore album of passionate gothic fables.”

– Kickstarter

“Gorgeous melodies, literate lyrics, sumptuous piano passages and exquisite, often astonishing vocals combine to create drama and poignancy.”

– San Jose Mercury News

“Quinn’s recordings stand up on their own. They are powerful, meticulously arranged, and have all the stick-to-your-ribs infectiousness every pop record needs to survive.”

– Metroactive

“She commands attention with both her piano playing as well as her vocals. One hell of a talented woman.”

– Redhead Music Snob

“Rabbit Quinn’s classical piano training is evident in how textured and fluid her songs are. Her music is haunting, gentle and catchy all at once.”

– San Jose Metro

“I highly recommend seeing her play live!”

– Synapse