“I Heart SF Bands” Review of the Brick & Morter Show

“The trio – composed of cellist Natasha Littlewood, percussionist Beth Wiesendanger, and pianist/vocalist Rabbit Quinn, filled the air with music just after 9pm. Rabbit interwove personal anecdotes about love and loss with intricate piano playing and an intense singing style found only in the most stirring of musical-theater performances. Beth’s performance truly embodies a ‘less is more’ approach to percussion, while Natasha deftly bridged the low-end gap between Beth’s subtle drumming and Rabbit’s complex piano playing.

The Rabbit Quinn trio worked well at the Brick & Mortar Music Hall, but I could just as easily see them performing a house concert in a basement or bedroom, where the depth of Rabbit’s lyricism can be both understood and felt. Comparisons to Tori Amos are Fiona Apple are warranted and deserved –  a strong performance!”

Original article can be found here: http://www.iheartsfbands.com/2014/04/friends-wo-benefits-experience/