DNA Lounge Review from Bay Area Unplugged Show

“Rabbit Quinn is a triple threat. Coming from a classical music home, educated in music at UC Davis, and having innate talent can really help when you put together your first album. And being able to draw and paint your album artwork– that’s just a bonus! Rabbit Quinn uses piano and her flexible voice as a base for her emotional songs, which would be princess material if they didn’t contain phrases like “sell your disease” and “twist the blade again” and touch on death and heartbreak. Quinn’s music is a pop infused take on classical forms, and her voice can take on a broadway, blues, funk, or operatic feel — she can even give you a little scream or sultry howl to really take a song to the next level. Live, Rabbit Quinn is fleshed out with the addition of two more talented ladies: percussionist Beth Wiesendanger and cellist Natasha Littlewood. The live show draws the audience in — you just can’t help but fall in love with Rabbit Quinn and the personal yet whimsical tales she sings for you from behind her piano.”